About Us

Our motto is play.fun.learn. We believe that every child is intelligent and can learn on it's own. Here at Tiger Tots we provide effortless learning opportunities to your child. We have tools and methods to help the child develop his/her's learning abilities, and feed his/her's inborn passion to discover and try and build something new.

Tiger Tots is located on 8000 square feet of Campus (4000 sq.feet covered & 4000 sq.feet open) designed specially for preschool kids, easily accessible by road. Tiger Tots is located at Katraj-Ambegaon in Pune, India.

Tiger Tots was conceptualized by group of people passionate about the field of education. The group consists of people from varied background in the fields of education, management, science and technology, sharing a common thread to provide quality and utilitarian school education.



Our Vision


  • To see that every child in the world is a 'yes' child, raised in freedom and natural discipline.​
  • ​To see that every child in the world is a better citizen building a better world around.

Our Mission


  • Provide effortless learning opportunities for every child.
  • Develop both sides of child's brain.
  • ​Develop the child's 5 senses to its maximum.
  • ​Develop 8 intelligences of the child.
  • ​Make the child physically strong.​
  • ​Overall development of the child in all 5 aspects - physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual​​.

Our Philosophy


  • It is our constant approach to evolve a skill based system of learning for children.
  • Our focus is to refine overall personality of the child and develop multiple facets of his personality through physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development.
  • We aspire to make children ready to face the worldly challenges with ease.
  • We are inspired by ISP’s (Infant Siddha Program) School of thought
  • We are also inspired by Educational Techniques evolved by Glenn Doman (founder of ‘The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential’ )

The need for Early Education -

Education is nothing but overall development of child's physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. Education imparted in the initial years of the child’s life becomes the foundation for his/her entire life.